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  • 15 mm - 49 mm (19)
  • 49 mm - 51 mm (56)
  • 51 mm - 56 mm (215)
  • 56 mm - 75 mm (333)
  • 75 mm - 158 mm (3)


  • below 6,99,952.14 IDR (5)
  • 6,99,952.14 IDR - 11,99,999.2 IDR (120)
  • 11,99,999.2 IDR - 24,99,950.94 IDR (355)
  • 24,99,950.94 IDR - 44,99,997 IDR (147)
  • 44,99,997 IDR - 69,99,947.94 IDR (1)
  • above 69,99,947.94 IDR (1)


  • ICONS (6)
  • IN VOGUE (4)
  • SUPREMA (3)
  • LIFESTYLE (PS) (2)
  • MODERN (AR) (2)
  • TECH | LIGHT RAY (2)
  • TIMELESS (1)

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Ophthalmic Glasses Ralph Lauren RL8144 500313 - Brown, Havanna
IDR 12,97,661
Ophthalmic Glasses Police RIVAL 3 (S8954V 579H) - Silver
IDR 12,98,259
Ophthalmic Glasses Ralph Lauren RL8135 501713 - Brown, Havanna
IDR 13,38,165
Ophthalmic Glasses Arnette FASTBALL (AN4202 226855) - Black
IDR 8,37,070
Ophthalmic Glasses Persol PO3110S 95/58 - Black
IDR 23,89,580
Ophthalmic Glasses Tiffany TF4117B 81939S - Black, Brown, Havanna, Blue
IDR 20,69,018
Ophthalmic Glasses Bvlgari BV8153B 504/13 - Brown, Havanna
IDR 25,74,892
Ophthalmic Glasses Vogue VO4002S 994S8H - Purple, Gold
IDR 9,33,250
Ophthalmic Glasses Vogue VO3997S 323/48 - Silver
IDR 9,46,274
Ophthalmic Glasses Prada Sport PS 53RS ZVN5L2 - Gold
IDR 19,84,427
Ophthalmic Glasses Furla SU4958 0801 - Havanna, Brown
IDR 16,90,747
Ophthalmic Glasses Sting SS4902 9UGG - Brown
IDR 10,98,729
Ophthalmic Glasses Burberry BE4211 300187 - Black
IDR 14,39,841
Ophthalmic Glasses Prada Sport PS 53RS ZVN5N0 - Gold
IDR 19,84,427
Ophthalmic Glasses DKNY DY4135 368887 - Black
IDR 13,13,194
Ophthalmic Glasses Fossil FOS 3028/S EQ8/CC - Brown
IDR 8,73,989
Ophthalmic Glasses Ray-Ban RB4242 60342Y - Purple
IDR 16,93,376
Ophthalmic Glasses Vogue VO5034SB W44/11 - Black
IDR 11,87,143
Ophthalmic Glasses Burberry BE4192 3001T3 - Black
IDR 18,80,480
Ophthalmic Glasses Vogue VO5031S 238836 - Blue, Transparent
IDR 11,37,440
Ophthalmic Glasses Ray-Ban RB4242 764/30 - Red
IDR 16,93,376
Ophthalmic Glasses Vogue VO2916SB W65613 - Brown, Havanna
IDR 11,28,599
Ophthalmic Glasses Bvlgari BV8151BM 53768G - Black
IDR 34,22,237
Ophthalmic Glasses DKNY DY4136 369187 - Grey, Transparent
IDR 13,13,194
Ophthalmic Glasses Dsquared DQ0211 55E - Brown, Havanna, Multi-coloured
IDR 13,85,956
Ophthalmic Glasses Vogue VO2871S 226214 - Red
IDR 10,02,548
Ophthalmic Glasses Tom Ford FT0466 29P - Gold
IDR 25,73,816
Ophthalmic Glasses Carrera NEW CHAMPION 8F8/SP - Black, Brown, Havanna
IDR 14,85,960
Ophthalmic Glasses Ray-Ban RB8351 621971 - Black
IDR 15,69,118
Ophthalmic Glasses Fossil FOS 2004/P/S H0O/IG - Brown, Havanna
IDR 10,04,460
Ophthalmic Glasses Fossil FOS 2005/S 5IA/F8 - Blue
IDR 9,46,513
Ophthalmic Glasses Fossil FOS 2022/P/S DD1/IG - Brown, Havanna
IDR 9,97,291
Ophthalmic Glasses Polaroid PLD 2027/S M2Z/Y2 - Black, Grey
IDR 7,22,370
Ophthalmic Glasses Ray-Ban RB4222 61684V - Purple
IDR 11,39,949
Ophthalmic Glasses Carrera NEW SAFARI KMF/XT - Blue
IDR 11,61,097
Ophthalmic Glasses Jil Sander J3010 C - Brown
IDR 28,19,704
Ophthalmic Glasses Ralph RA5162 609/13 - Blue, Green
IDR 8,41,968
Ophthalmic Glasses Oxydo OX 1095/S V81/9O - Silver, Black
IDR 13,51,068
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Edel-Optics - your outlet for brand and designer sunglasses

SEE AND BE SEEN: Sunglasses as a lifestyle

Just as for Udo Lindenberg, Heino and the Blues Brothers, sunglasses are absolutely essential for Edel-Optics. We have a real bee in our bonnet when it comes to your most important summer accessory. In our outlet for brand and designer eyewear, you will find a huge selection of sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Pradar, Tom Ford, among others. Thanks to the practical filter function on our web site, sunglasses for women are separated from the sunglasses for men, which makes our wide range easily accessible.
JB - signature Eyewear by Jérôme Boateng

Sunglasses with prescription lenses

Many eyeglass wearers would like to have prescription lenses in their new sunglasses at a reasonable price. This is easily possible for many models available in the Edel-Optics online store and our digital dispensing optician is helpful in selecting the correct strength for your lenses. We can normally install the prescription lenses for your sunglasses in the original tint and gradient. You can optionally choose brand lenses, e.g. from Hoya or Seiko. Prescription sunglasses also have optimal UV 400 protection against ultraviolet rays. If your favourite sunglasses are available for prescription lenses, you'll find the button "order with prescription lenses" under the "add to cart" button. You are then automatically directed to our digital dispensing optician who will make suggestions for suitable lenses. Here you also have the option to choose polarized lenses which filter out light from reflective surfaces, e.g. water or glass, and so improve visibility.

Which sunglasses suit me? - Watch the video and try them on online

You already have all your cool outfits for the summer, but the most important accessory is still missing: your sunglasses. So you are now confronted with the most important question: which sunglasses are ideal for the summer of 2017? Are they sunglasses with round-shaped lenses? Or do edgy ones suit you better? Phil, our eyewear expert, will explain which models suit which face in our tutorial on the subject. An important criterion is always the right size or lens width of the sunglasses and a rule of thumb "Good sunglasses for you, are those that are not too big and not too small.” Our eyewear expert can also be of some assistance in this respect. Additional information about each of our more than 15,000 different sunglasses for men and women can also be found on the respective product page for each model. Here you can also find out which colours were trendy in 2016 and which are all the rage in 2017, whether sunglasses with blue lenses are suitable for driving and lots more.

The ultimate test for the right choice is, of course, how you look wearing these sunglasses. With the aid of the “virtual mirror” you can try on many of our models online and get a first impression of what suits you best: mirror finish or black, retro or gold. For this you can use your webcam or upload a photo. You can find the “virtual mirror” icon on the product detail pages of those sunglasses where trying on is available online. Alternatively, feel free to make use of our free return shipping to test the look and feel in your own home.


Yes, in our online store you can buy your sunglasses at an incredibly low price. We have all your favourite brands in stock and consistently at a sale price. But the shopping experience and the service we provide for the satisfaction of our customers is more important than any price comparison, where we always do well. You can reach our support team via email or via the local landline and we are available to answer all of your questions. We can assist you in the ordering process, in the handling of returns or with any other questions you may have. If you have an acute "sunglass-emergency" and need the right accessory for the beach party at the weekend, with express delivery you can often have your sunglasses in your hands the very next day. In addition to the usual payment methods, we can also offer you a convenient order on account.

Our specialty - sunglasses for fashion enthusiasts

Style is in our genes. Edel-Optics’ aim is to provide the widest possible customer base with easy access to premium brands in sunglasses, by offering high quality designer fashion accessories worldwide, at amazingly low prices. Moreover, we are interested in all topics related to your summer look, among others, how to clean your eyewear properly or how to be able to help yourself if, for example, you have inadvertently sat on your sunglasses and the lenses have to be put back into the frame. And even if you want to improve the fit of your new frame, our eyewear expert can be of assistance with his instructions. In our blog you can regularly find articles about us and the world of eyewear and in Facebook, in addition to the talk of the day – “Which sunglasses are actually currently in demand among celebrities?”- there are also repeated promotional activities, such as vouchers, the Ray-Ban sale and sweepstakes with our testimonial Jérôme Boateng. Just pop in and see the world through the eyes of Edel-Optics.
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Exclusive Sunglasses for all tastes

For anyone looking for fashionable accessories with a hint of extravagance this winter 2017 , Sunglasses from the Edel-Optics online shop are the perfect solution. Here, fashionistas from all walks of life will find premium quality Sunglasses: the overwhelming diversity of our brands and collections combines the latest hot trends with classic chic. Whether looking for a vintage feel, a futuristic design or a hint of minimalism: inspired by the flair of the world’s fashion capitals, the most sought-after top designers have created true works of art. Whether for general leisure or outdoor sports: from glamorous glitz to sleek elegance, you will find the perfect accessory for a striking appearance at Edel-Optics.
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