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Rimless Eyeglasses


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Lens Size

  • 15 mm - 49 mm (2)
  • 49 mm - 51 mm (20)
  • 51 mm - 56 mm (190)
  • 56 mm - 75 mm (102)


  • below 8,00,027.04 IDR (5)
  • 8,00,027.04 IDR - 12,00,040.56 IDR (1)
  • 12,00,040.56 IDR - 25,00,013.12 IDR (91)
  • 25,00,013.12 IDR - 44,99,937.96 IDR (171)
  • 44,99,937.96 IDR - 79,99,984.88 IDR (38)
  • above 79,99,984.88 IDR (8)


  • TECH | LIGHT RAY (2)

Rim Type

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Eyewear Strenesse 4204 100 - Grey
IDR 11,98,464
Eyewear TRUSSARDI TR12731 BR - Brown
IDR 11,98,464
Eyewear EcoLine TH7023 02
IDR 2,98,716
Eyewear EcoLine TH7029 03
IDR 2,98,716
Eyewear EcoLine TH7029 02
IDR 2,98,716
Eyewear TRUSSARDI TR12727 BK - Black
IDR 11,98,464
Eyewear EcoLine TH7023 01
IDR 2,98,716
Eyewear Bvlgari BV2184B 266 - Brown
IDR 23,99,328
Eyewear Strenesse 4204 400 - Red
IDR 11,98,464
Eyewear Swarovski SK5089 16B - Silver
IDR 22,07,382
Eyewear TRUSSARDI TR12731 GD - Gold
IDR 11,98,464
Eyewear Brendel BL 902124 50 - Red
IDR 14,27,600
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX8724 1128 - Grey, Sand
IDR 17,17,919
Eyewear Ruud van Dyke 0664T 7
IDR 15,25,972
Eyewear Ruud van Dyke 0664T 2
IDR 15,25,972
Eyewear Mont Blanc MB0617 016 - Silver
IDR 29,75,166
Eyewear Mont Blanc MB0492 016 - Silver
IDR 34,07,045
Eyewear Mont Blanc MB0476 028 - Gold
IDR 34,07,045
Eyewear Bvlgari BV1086TK 393 - Gold
IDR 76,77,849
Eyewear Fossil FOS 6074 RXT - Grey
IDR 11,51,677
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX8724 1000 - Grey
IDR 17,17,919
Eyewear TRUSSARDI TR12727 BL - Blue
IDR 11,98,464
Eyewear Tim Dilsen TD996 - Brown, Orange, Transparent
IDR 8,68,797
Eyewear Guess GU2578 011 - Grey
IDR 14,29,999
Eyewear Swarovski SK5189 016 - Silver
IDR 21,01,811
Eyewear Mont Blanc MB0580 016 - Silver
IDR 26,39,260
Eyewear Ray-Ban RX8725 1131 - Brown
IDR 18,13,892
Eyewear Timberland TB1307 002 - Black
IDR 11,42,080
Eyewear Mont Blanc MB0476 032 - Gold
IDR 34,07,045
Eyewear Bvlgari BV2190B 102 - Silver
IDR 23,99,328
Eyewear LineArt XL2079 GP - Gold
IDR 41,74,830
Eyewear Mont Blanc MB0617 028 - Gold
IDR 29,75,166
Eyewear Bvlgari BV2190B 278 - Gold
IDR 23,99,328
Eyewear Swarovski SK5147 032 - Gold
IDR 19,19,462
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Eyewear at Edel-Optics


From the perspective of Edel-Optics, the world would be inconceivable without fashionable eyewear: men’s and women’s eyewear, kids’ eyewear, gamer glasses, reading glasses, glasses for nerds or glasses with or without a prescription. We have pretty much everything by the big brands and designers, except perhaps goggles for welders. Our motto is SEE AND BE SEEN or in other words "It depends on the look".
Style icon Jérôme Boateng with his eyewear brand JB exclusive at Edel-Optics

Prescription eyewear

Our technically excellent opticians understand their profession and are aware how important it is to see everything even from the back row. Just like in our flagship store, you can also shop online for top brand prescription lenses e.g. from Hoya and Seiko. Our digital dispensing optician will guide you through your online purchase, ensuring that you finally have all the information about your lenses and leave you only amazed at the low price.

Purchasing varifocals

If you want multifocal lenses, then make your way to Germany's eyewear mecca, our flagship store in Hamburg. There we offer not only the widest selection of designer eyewear and our brilliant dispensing opticians, but also the expertise and technical possibilities for perfect varifocal eyewear at an incredibly low price. At present we are unfortunately unable to help you online with varifocal lenses, due to our high quality standards. So if a trip to Hamburg is not on your agenda at the moment, we can still save you some money on the frame..

Which eyewear suits you: try on online

With over 40,000 products on our website, we have enough in stock for everyone to find the exact model that perfectly expresses their own individual style. And with our daily updated best prices, we have the latest eyewear trends in our online eyewear outlet practically always at a sale price. Whether you know exactly what your most conspicuous accessory for 2017 looks like or just simply want to find out if Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada or Tom Ford would suit you better, you will find the full range of major brands and designer’s releases at Edel-Optics. If you need some assistance in selecting the eyewear, you’ll find plenty of tips on our site e.g. which eyewear matches which face and how do I find out which lens width or frame size is best for me. We have also recently started to offer more and more models with the possibility of trying on online. Look for the virtual mirror icon on the product detail page and put your favourite frames on to your virtual nose via your webcam or by uploading a photo. Since we offer free return shipping, you can alternatively make the final decision among your eyewear favourites at home in front of your own mirror.


Price comparison is not the only way we want to set ourselves apart from other online opticians. Edel-Optics’ ultimate aim is to create a thoroughly compelling shopping experiences for their customers, because finding the right eyewear to pair with your favourite sneakers or new handbag should be downright fun. It also means that our customer support is available by phone or email and our staff will be delighted to help you if you have questions regarding the order process or handling returns. Our service also includes optional express delivery, so your eager anticipation will be short lived because next day delivery is often guaranteed. Paying on account is also part of our overall package in terms of service.

Your questions are our favourite topics

Our enthusiasm for the subject of eyewear does not end when we ship the designer eyewear in its case to the customer. We also have other important issues: how to clean the eyewear properly or how to put a dislodged lens back into the frame. As our focus is on the sale of eyewear online, we are often asked how the frame can be adjusted to a perfect fit. Our frames come with a standard pre-adjustment and most of our customers are totally satisfied with the fit. If this not the case, Phil, our eyewear expert can be of assistance which will help you adjust the majority of our frames yourselves. As we have nothing but eyewear in mind, we are constantly updating our blog, so it's worth checking it out every week if you want to stay up to date on fashion and lifestyle and everything related to round or square eyewear: "The world through the eyes of Edel-Optics"
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