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Diesel DL0200 (72V)

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Diesel DL0200 72V blaurosa glanz 
DL 0200 is available in 5 additional attractive styles
Diesel DL0200 52C grau verspiegelthavanna dunkel
IDR 10,49,168
Diesel DL0200 01X blau verspiegeltschwarz glanz
IDR 11,48,147
Diesel DL0200 01Q grün verspiegeltschwarz glanz
IDR 10,49,168
Diesel DL0200 90U bordeaux verspiegeltblau glanz
IDR 11,48,147
Diesel DL0200 98G braun verspiegeltgrün dunkel
IDR 11,48,147
ships within 1-2 weeks
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 IDR 15,60,638
IDR 10,49,168 
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xFree outbound and return shipping
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xFree outbound and return shipping
x30-day money-back guarantee
xLow prices
DL 0200
Sizes & Details XS
Lens Size 48
Bridge Size 17
Temple Length 130
Rim TypeFull rim
Frame styleSquare
Frame materialPlastic
LensesWith mirror coating
ColourGold, Rosa
Rosa Glanz
Lens ColourBlue
Lens colourBlau
‌DL0200/72V Ophthalmic Glasses

These sunglasses complement your look with an accessory that is a cut above the rest. True to the Edel-Optics motto "SEE AND BE SEEN", you are on a par with celebrities, impressing in every environment. Would another colour not be a better match for your favourite outfit? Check also the other styles of DL0200in our 2015, and 2016 Diesel range.

DL0200 has been designed especially for children. It not only looks cool, it also has a solid and stable construction. Wearing full rim eyewear, you make it unmistakably clear that you are going the whole hog. The square frame is a classical shape, highlighting the straightforwardness of the personality. Plastic frames like these combine durability and are comfortable to wear. The DL0200 is a very snug fit on the ears and nose. Gold-coloured eyewear always looks noble and is currently heavy in fashion. It can be combined with any outfit and makes you look radiant. Blue coloured lenses look very fashionable, but also distort the colour impression and influence the field of view. They are, therefore, suitable as a cool party accessory but less as a protection from the sun while driving. Functionally, you are, of course, on the safe side, too. With 100% UV eye protection, the sun can immediately start shining.

The next shipment is on its way, so we will have your Diesel back in stock very soon. We hope the unbelievably low price will be a consolation for the short wait. If you buy at Edel-Optics you get the best price, because “in the sale” is our standard.

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