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Ad Lib AB3236U (PU)

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Ad Lib AB3236U PU violet 
AB 3236U is available in 3 additional attractive styles
Ad Lib AB3236U BU red
IDR 19,12,772
Ad Lib AB3236U BR brown
IDR 19,12,772
Ad Lib AB3236U BK black
IDR 19,12,772
ships within 1 week
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 IDR 28,45,248
IDR 19,12,772 
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xFree outbound and return shipping
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xFree outbound and return shipping
x30-day money-back guarantee
xLow prices
AB 3236U
Sizes & Details S
Lens Size 51
Bridge Size 17
Temple Length 140
Frame styleSquare
Frame materialTitanium
‌AB3236U/PU Eyewear

The term "visual aid" is unsuitable for AB3236U. This is an accessory that ushers in a new you, emphasizing your clear view on fashion. The AB3236U is available in the Edel-Optics online shop in other styles from Ad Lib collections 2015 and 2016.

Expressive lines add character to the classical approach, making the glasses a must-have for women. Semi-rim frames are decisive for the distinctive lines of the model. A stylish accent that never puts the overall appearance out of balance. The square shape accentuates the face shape, making it the perfect style element for self-confident personalities. Titanium frames always have a flair of sophistication. The style is characterized by an attractive lightness. In addition to being used in the manufacture of eyewear, titanium is used in aerospace. It promises premium quality and is considered far more durable than other materials. The colour violet represents trendiness, creativity and individuality.

With the help of our digital dispensing optician, your prescription lenses can be configured according to your own requirements. Anti-reflective and cleaning coatings, antistatic and lotus effect are included as standard for plastic lenses.

Even if this Ad Lib is presently not in stock, it is worth ordering now, because the current price can't be beaten. In our online shop we have consistently low prices. You won't get AB3236U at such a low price, not even in the sale.

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